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Pamela L. Callen

Welcome to my site!  Here's my story so you'll know a bit about me. 


After a foreign service career, having lived overseas in different developing countries for about 20 years, I am enjoying the beauty of the east coast of the United States. I particularly enjoy being near the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, as well as the surrounding rural areas with their simple structures and wildlife.  These were the places to which I returned when I could to rest for a few weeks between overseas assignments.


I took up painting late in life.  It is my bejlief that slowing down to gaze at the subjects in order to paint them develops a bond with the subject, the colors, and the lights.  My subjects include landscapes, still lives, flowers, the scenes and people I have seen in my many years of travel, both overseas and in the unites states. I am particularly drawn to water, as I’m sure many people are, with its restful and restorative qualities. 


I have studied painting in classes and workshops at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia as well as  classes in Arlington, Virginia and also Calvert and Saint Mary Counties in Maryland.  Overseas, I also studied with a professional artist in Haiti.  I continued  to explore three types of painting, each for its unique qualities: the subtleties of watercolor; the wonderful, brightly colored, layered nature of acrylic painting; and the classic colors and techniques of oils. 

My new passion is teaching adults.  Anyone can enjoy painting, and I look forward to meeting some of you at The College of Southern Maryland, Leonardtown Campus for evening Acrylic painting starting in Spring, 2014, and at Calvert Pines Senior Center, where day classes are planned for the Fall of 2013.